Happy Birthday!

During the summer of 2012, I started posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when it was one of the players (and the mascot’s) birthday. The first few were just single pictures of the players and at that time it was really all I could do because my picture options were limited for those players. They hadn’t been with the team for the entire season so there weren’t as many pictures of them. Once the season started, it was easier to create the graphics.  I was able to make sure I had enough pictures of the players as their birthdays approached. As the season went on, besides just posting the graphic and wishing the player a happy birthday, I also added for fans to “LIKE” the photo to wish the player a happy birthday. The fan interaction increased with this simple step.


Everyday is a Holiday!

I was sitting listening to a social media webinar when I saw some other companies were using obscure holidays to create posts and content.  I thought it was a great idea but what I didn’t realize that while not always obscure holidays, I had already been creating posts for most of the non-traditional/smaller holidays.

Celebrating Holidays

I’ve already posted the graphics I used for Christmas and New Years so I decided not to repost them.  My posts for the major holidays started for Father’s Day. It was actually a graphic to promote the Season Ticket offer that was to end that week. I had one of the players pose with a couple tickets and the collateral piece for the offer then I took it back to the office and added the details.  As often as possible I tried to use an actual picture, take a picture, or create the graphic from scratch in Photoshop.  I had to laugh when hours after I posted the Veteran’s Day graphic, one of the teams in the league posted the exact graphic with their logo to their social media (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I guess).  The Valentine’s Day post was actually taken from a set of Valentine’s Day eCards I’d created for the mascot Ollie’s Facebook page.  Easter proved to be fun and challenging since I didn’t already have a picture of the mascot with bunny ears or have an Easter basket for him to hold.

Welcoming the Seasons

Posts to social media can’t always be news or game updates in the sports business, or any business.  I created posts for the first day of each season.  I used photos on-hand for Summer and Winter and used a graphic I found online for Autumn. But for Spring, I took a photo of the mascot holding some flowers my niece and nephew had given me then Photo-shopped the background in.  The graphics were posted on various social media platforms the Lumberjacks were on.

Game photos used in marketing

Muskegon County Visitors Guide

I’ve enjoyed photography since I was a kid. Usually I’ve concentrated on landscapes and other nonactive subjects. In 2010, I started taking photos during Muskegon Lumberjacks games for sponsor proof of performance. In 2012-13, I ended up having to also take the photos for marketing purposes. On page 25, you’ll find an article on the Lumberjacks. The photos used are two of mine.

Snapshots of the Game

I saw this idea being used by some NHL teams and I liked the idea of giving fans a quick visual overview of the game. My original plan was to save it for the 2013-14 season but the broadcaster and I decided to role it out for the last 7 games. While I created the template for all 7 games, the last two were on the road so he plugged in the final info and posted those. I took care of the home games.

Muskegon Lumberjacks Vine Post – Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Muskegon Lumberjacks Vine Post – Muskegon Winter Sports Complex


This was the 2nd post I had created on Vine. The Lumberjacks visited the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex on February 20, 2013 and it seemed like the perfect time to test out the new platform.

Proof of Performance Reports

One of my responsibilities as the Director of Marketing and Advertising for the Muskegon Lumberjacks was sponsor fulfillment and post-season proof of performance reports. These aided the sales staff in renewing the corporate partners for the upcoming season and in some cases even resulting in the sponsors increasing the level of their partnership with the team.

POP screenshot

Click to see a sample Proof of Performance report created by Alicia Roberts for the Muskegon Lumberjacks