Let the Stars Shine

In January 2013, Muskegon hosted the 2nd Annual USHL/NHL Top Prospects Game which showcased the top 40 draft eligible players in the league for NHL Scouts. The game draws over 200 NHL and college scouts to Muskegon. These are two graphics I created to promote the game. The first one was posted when the rosters were announced. The second graphic was posted the week of the game to promote the game and also to show off the jerseys the players would be wearing. I chose the tag “It’s Our Turn” because the Canadian Prospects Game had just been played and I wanted to play off the rivalry between the two leagues.


Going for Gold


Two of the Lumberjacks players were named to play in the 2012 U20 World Junior Ice Hockey Championship. Frederik Tiffels played for Germany and Rasmus Bengtsson played for Sweden. I posted updates on Facebook as often as possible. It wasn’t easy since the games were in Russia, played early in the morning (luckily I’m a morning person), and not all of the games were broadcast on TV. I would search for online streams of the Swedish games. Sweden made it to the final game against Team USA.

Stars of the Game

The Lumberjacks had their first player in USHL history named player of the week in October. I needed to come up with a graphic quickly for when the story was posted online. The Lumberjacks ended up with 6 players of the week awards in 2012-13. I kept the same theme for all 6 graphics. Two of the players won multiple awards so I changed up their pictures to change up the graphics.

Epilepsy Awareness Night

During the season, it was brought to our attention that some of the Lumberjacks game night presentation had caused one of the fans to have a seizure. She asked if we could have an “epilepsy friendly” night around March 26th because that was World Purple Day, a day to raise awareness for epilepsy. Our closest game was March 29th and we didn’t have anything else planned for that night so we decided to make it happen.

Originally I was just going to create a post saying, “Hey it’s Epilepsy Awareness Night, wear purple!” But after doing a little research about the condition (and having gone through the tests for it as a small child), I realized there was more that needed to get out there. We worked with the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan for the promotion and they approved all of the graphics I designed. My idea was that this was supposed to be an awareness night, why not educate the fans a little while I was at it. I created a different post for every day of the week leading up to the game. I have to admit I learned a lot and really enjoyed the whole process.

Every couple of days I would posts the graphics to the team’s Pinterest Page. Outside of the Ugly Sweater Night Board, it has been the most active board on the page.

Red Wings Night Social Media Graphics

On February 2, 2013, the Muskegon Lumberjacks held Red Wings Night with special guest Tomas Holmstrom. It was the highest attended game of the season. I had noticed the fans were more engaged (and it was less boring even for me) when I created a different graphic for each day during Jacks Fight Cancer’s promotion. I decided to do the same thing for the week leading up to Red Wings Night. Some days had better response than others. I used the front office staff to do the photo shoot and we all had a blast doing it.