Can I have your autograph?

As the 2012-13 season approached, the Lumberjacks needed an autograph card quickly to send to the printer before the first player appearance. The team had a marketing agency design the card in 2011-12 but they were looking to save some money so I used the same idea from the previous design to create a card for 2012-13. These are scans of the finished product.


2010-11 Game Program




This is one of my earlier design pieces for the Lumberjacks. It was a last minute project right before the start of the season. Originally the team wasn’t going to print a program in 2010-11. I did all of the design work and plugged in the ads and letter provided by the sponsors and the league. I wrote the copy for the renovation piece and I also added the icons to the arena map. To see the entire program, click the link below.


Game photos used in marketing

Muskegon County Visitors Guide

I’ve enjoyed photography since I was a kid. Usually I’ve concentrated on landscapes and other nonactive subjects. In 2010, I started taking photos during Muskegon Lumberjacks games for sponsor proof of performance. In 2012-13, I ended up having to also take the photos for marketing purposes. On page 25, you’ll find an article on the Lumberjacks. The photos used are two of mine.

Reading Caravan Bookmark

Bookmarks for the 2012-13 Muskegon Lumberjacks Reading Caravan created by Alicia Roberts

Bookmarks for the 2012-13 Muskegon Lumberjacks Reading Caravan created by Alicia Roberts

The Lumberjacks have a reading program, the Reading Caravan, that involved approximately 2000 local students in 2012-13. Each student that participated received a bookmark. In my first design I had used a picture from the previous year of one of the players reading in a classroom. Because of NCAA rules and not wanting to mess up his eligibility due to the bookmark being sponsored, I set up a photo shoot with the mascot and some local youth hockey players.

Happy Holidays from the Muskegon Lumberjacks

I had a lot of fun creating this one! I saw an old holiday card from a different company that used their logo to build a snowman. I decided to try the same concept with the new Muskegon Lumberjacks logo since it was now a circular shape. I then built onto the concept by pulling the hat and the hockey sticks out of the original image to use them in the design. Not wanting to have the players sign 500 copies, I added their autographs to the original design. The card was then mailed to sponsors, season ticket holders, other teams in the league, vendors, and more.

The graphic was posted to social media on Christmas using the front cover of the card.