Taking A Leap

When I was little, my parents bought my brother and I a camera.  I was in love!  As I grew up, my grandparents would buy me a point and shoot for my birthday or Christmas.  I received my first SLR while I was in grad school but I never learned to use it.  I have relied on my cell phone camera for several years, that was until I purchased a DSLR earlier this year and I have had a blast taking photos!  This time I’m learning how to use it.  I have always loved taking photos of flowers, going back to my film days when my dad tell me to “go take pictures of the flowers” to use up the last couple shots of a roll.  Now I’m experimenting with macro, long-exposures, street photography, and basically whatever I can find.  My confidence is starting to build.  I’ve always kept my work to myself, only showing it to some friends.  I’m taking a leap and putting it online for others to see.  Let me know if you like my work!