Epilepsy Awareness Night

During the season, it was brought to our attention that some of the Lumberjacks game night presentation had caused one of the fans to have a seizure. She asked if we could have an “epilepsy friendly” night around March 26th because that was World Purple Day, a day to raise awareness for epilepsy. Our closest game was March 29th and we didn’t have anything else planned for that night so we decided to make it happen.

Originally I was just going to create a post saying, “Hey it’s Epilepsy Awareness Night, wear purple!” But after doing a little research about the condition (and having gone through the tests for it as a small child), I realized there was more that needed to get out there. We worked with the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan for the promotion and they approved all of the graphics I designed. My idea was that this was supposed to be an awareness night, why not educate the fans a little while I was at it. I created a different post for every day of the week leading up to the game. I have to admit I learned a lot and really enjoyed the whole process.

Every couple of days I would posts the graphics to the team’s Pinterest Page. Outside of the Ugly Sweater Night Board, it has been the most active board on the page.


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