One of the skills I have been working on is video creation. Here are a few I have created for Infinity O&P.

The first video was an informational video. I wanted to keep it short so people would watch it so I needed to speed up the video.

The second video was my first attempt at using green screen…which was difficult since I don’t have a green screen!

The third video involved using clips from a Go Pro type camera, photos from the organizers, and photos I took at the finish. The Facebook post received over 1,000 views and 20 shares!



Celebrating Holidays

Motivation Monday

How can you use social media to benefit an orthotics and prosthetics company?  My first idea was motivational quotes.  When I took over managing the Facebook account for Infinity O&P, the first thing I did was to sit down and gather motivational quotes to post on Mondays for Motivation Monday.  I wanted a consistent look and since I didn’t have very many photos of amputees to use for backgrounds, I kept it simple and added the logo for branding.

Taking A Leap

When I was little, my parents bought my brother and I a camera.  I was in love!  As I grew up, my grandparents would buy me a point and shoot for my birthday or Christmas.  I received my first SLR while I was in grad school but I never learned to use it.  I have relied on my cell phone camera for several years, that was until I purchased a DSLR earlier this year and I have had a blast taking photos!  This time I’m learning how to use it.  I have always loved taking photos of flowers, going back to my film days when my dad tell me to “go take pictures of the flowers” to use up the last couple shots of a roll.  Now I’m experimenting with macro, long-exposures, street photography, and basically whatever I can find.  My confidence is starting to build.  I’ve always kept my work to myself, only showing it to some friends.  I’m taking a leap and putting it online for others to see.  Let me know if you like my work!

Happy Winter 2013!

happy winterar

Wow!  It’s been a while since I posted anything on here!  I’ve been running the social media for local small businesses since May.  I have been having a lot of fun coming up with daily posts to try to engage their fans.  I often post about bizarre holidays, celebrity birthdays, trivia, or how the fans think a big game is going to turn out.

Yesterday we had an ice storm.  The artist in me was seeing beauty in the snow that shined like glass and the ice covered trees (the non-artist in me wasn’t enjoying my power and heat going out as a result of an accident caused by the icy roads!).  I wanted to get a picture of the ice on the tree in my backyard so I eventually ventured out very carefully and snapped this shot with my iPad.

I sat down last night to create a graphic for the first day of winter.  That’s when I remembered the picture I had taken earlier.  I played with the color and shadows.  I wanted to hide some power lines so I added the snowflakes at the bottom.  That also gave me a great place to add the text.

Happy Winter everyone!

Let the Stars Shine

In January 2013, Muskegon hosted the 2nd Annual USHL/NHL Top Prospects Game which showcased the top 40 draft eligible players in the league for NHL Scouts. The game draws over 200 NHL and college scouts to Muskegon. These are two graphics I created to promote the game. The first one was posted when the rosters were announced. The second graphic was posted the week of the game to promote the game and also to show off the jerseys the players would be wearing. I chose the tag “It’s Our Turn” because the Canadian Prospects Game had just been played and I wanted to play off the rivalry between the two leagues.

Going for Gold


Two of the Lumberjacks players were named to play in the 2012 U20 World Junior Ice Hockey Championship. Frederik Tiffels played for Germany and Rasmus Bengtsson played for Sweden. I posted updates on Facebook as often as possible. It wasn’t easy since the games were in Russia, played early in the morning (luckily I’m a morning person), and not all of the games were broadcast on TV. I would search for online streams of the Swedish games. Sweden made it to the final game against Team USA.

Stars of the Game

The Lumberjacks had their first player in USHL history named player of the week in October. I needed to come up with a graphic quickly for when the story was posted online. The Lumberjacks ended up with 6 players of the week awards in 2012-13. I kept the same theme for all 6 graphics. Two of the players won multiple awards so I changed up their pictures to change up the graphics.

Can I have your autograph?

As the 2012-13 season approached, the Lumberjacks needed an autograph card quickly to send to the printer before the first player appearance. The team had a marketing agency design the card in 2011-12 but they were looking to save some money so I used the same idea from the previous design to create a card for 2012-13. These are scans of the finished product.

2010-11 Game Program




This is one of my earlier design pieces for the Lumberjacks. It was a last minute project right before the start of the season. Originally the team wasn’t going to print a program in 2010-11. I did all of the design work and plugged in the ads and letter provided by the sponsors and the league. I wrote the copy for the renovation piece and I also added the icons to the arena map. To see the entire program, click the link below.